MIPS 2017, Part II: A Crucial Year for LTPAC Clinicians 

Now that you've ventured into the complex world of MIPS, it's time to continue your journey! Join Rod Baird and our in-house Regulatory Team as they review insights and a strategic approach to handling the four elements that compose MIPS: Quality, Advancing Care Information (ACI), Improvement Activities (IA), and Resource Use.

In addition to other frequently asked questions, our team will take a deep dive to answer questions in the following topics:

  • Benchmarks related to Quality measures: Why are they important? How do benchmarks correspond to your Quality score? How are measures scored that do not have established benchmarks?
  • Are there any drawbacks for taking the route of simply avoiding the penalty?
  • How is the information from the four elements that compose MIPS reported to CMS?

Quality: Benchmark Scoring

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.49.51 AM.png

* MIPS 2017: A Crucial Year for LTPAC Clinicians is a two-part series. If you did not view Part I, a recorded-version of the webinar is available here: http://info.gehrimed.com/webinar-mips-final-rule