Provider Health Services (PHS)

Provider Health Services (PHS)  is a nationally recognized healthcare service organization practicing in post-acute care settings across America. PHS needed a true EHR partner that was tailored to their unique long-term care (LTC) workflow and provided tools to: improve assessments, increase productivity and ensure security. 

View this case study to explore how PHS:

  • Successfully implemented an EHR designed around their practice’s workflow to address faults in existing documentation methods.
  • Overcame the fear of introducing a new technology to their practice, and how they prepared their staff for the technology learning curve.
  • Improved practitioner retention and expanded their practice by 350% via a scalable technology. 

Figure 1. Office Workflow

office workflow II.png

Figure 2. LTC Workflow

LTC workflow II.png

Figure 3. gEHRiMed Workflow 

workflow gehrimedII.png

Difference in workflows between a general practitioners and LTC practitioners.
Figure 1. depcits an ambulatory workflow, with practitioner assistance from front office team and nurses. Figure 2. represents the LTC practitioner workflow and assumes all data is captured by the practitioner. Figure 3. illustrates the gEHRiMed workflow: all data is captured by the practitioner, without help from the front office or nurses.